PROM Flash Cards for the
Sharp PC-1270 Pocket Computer

CF-2H32M, CF-2H64M,
CF-2H128M & CF-2H512M

These three Flash cards are high speed, very high capacity,
permanent memory cards for the Sharp PC-1270 Pocket Computer
with CMOS logic and Flash ROM.

  • Large data storage capacity is ideal for applications that require large amounts of data storage e.g., look-up tables, price lists, data tables, and so forth.
  • Program is stored permanently (but can be changed) with the inexpensive and fast F512A Flash Card Programmer. No loss of program when batteries are changed or card is left out of calculator.
  • Program is stored in up to 16 banks each. Each bank holds 8K and banks can be indirectly addressed.
  • "Data-saver" feature protects RAM data when batteries are changed or card is moved from one calculator to another.
  • Typical programming time is 5.5K of program per second or less than 10 seconds per card for a 50K program, over 300 cards an hour.
  • Cards can be automatically assigned a unique serial number when programmed.
  • Designed for use with the SBC compiler for the Sharp PC-1270 Pocket Computer. Application notes and technical assistance are available from PROM). F512A Flash Card programmer is required to program cards.
  • Maximum security is provided to protect your programs. The program on a CF-Series Flash card can only be executed by the Sharp PC-1270 calculator. The F512A Flash Card programmer can only erase and program cards. The security of your program is guaranteed because no "read" function is provided. (Program verification is done "on-the-fly" as card is programmed.)
  • The PC-1270 Developer's Kit includes the SBC S'BASIC compiler, linker, and F512A Flash card programmer, everything you need to produce software on CF Series Flash cards for the PC-1270.
  • F512A Flash Card Programmer is inexpensive and easy to use. Connects to any serial port (COM1, 2, 3 or 4). Compact size (1¼" high by 3" wide by 5" long), rugged, long-life, extruded aluminum case is designed for years of use. Operates on 115 vac or 12 vdc allowing use in the field with portable computers.

  • Size: 54 x 42 x 3.8 mm
    Fits a Sharp PC-1270 Pocket Computer.
    Case is high-impact injection-molded plastic (matches the Sharp PC-1270).
  • Flash-gold circuit board with all surface-mount components.
    Built in U.S.A. to ISO 9000 standards.
  • High-speed, CMOS logic design with very low current drain.
  • Program capacity: 32K (CF-2H32M), 64K (CF-2H64M),
    128K (CF-2H128M) & 512K (CF-2H512M). Data capacity: 8K of CMOS RAM on all models

Erase and Programming Times
  • Cards program at the rate of about 5.5K per second.
  • Erase times vary from 1 to several seconds, depending upon the amount of information being erased.
  • Approximate times to program a card are shown below.
  • All A-Z and array variables can be initialized using the Automatic Variable Initialization option in an additional 1.6 seconds.
Model CF-2H32M CF-2H64M CF-2H128M CF-2H512M
ROM/RAM 32K + 8K 64K + 8K 128K + 8K 512K + 8K
# of banks (8K) 4 8 16 64
Programming time
(75% full)
4.5 sec 9 sec 18 sec 70 sec

Data-Saver feature
Contents in RAM memory are saved for about 10 minutes when card is removed from calculator or batteries are changed. Program is retained permanently.
Program cannot be read from card by F512A Flash card programmer. Program cannot be retrieved from PC-1270 if the Sharp password protection is used (the programmer automatically issues a warning if a program is not password-protected).

24 Apr 2012