Sharp Pocket Computer RAM Memory Cards


8K RAM card
CE-212M 8K
Half-size card

Sharp RAM Memory cards fit a number of their calculators. The initial series were full-size (CE-201M, CE-202M, CE-203M). Sharp then came out with the half-size series (CE-210, CE-211, ...) which were electrically equivalent but half the width. They also added some smaller and larger memory sizes in this second series of cards.

While installed in a calculator, the card uses the calculator's power supply and the backup battery is not used.  The life of the backup battery is 5 years or more if the card remains in a calculator with useable batteries.

If the card is stored removed from the calculator, the life of the backup battery is about 12 months (depending upon the size card and the ambient temperature). Any program and data are lost when the backup battery is changed. Pressing the ALL RESET button on a calculator with a RAM card will also erase the card. (NOTE: This is NOT true of the more recent series of PROM CF Flash Memory cards.)

Full-size cards

  8K  (CE-201M)
 16K  (CE-202M)
 32K  (CE-203M)

Half-size cards

  2K  (CE-210M)
  4K  (CE-211M)
  8K  (CE-212M)
16K  (CE-2H16M)
32K  (CE-2H32M)
64K  (CE-2H64M)

Calculators Designed for many Sharp pocket computers.
Not all calculators can use the larger size cards.
Power Source 3 vDC.
Uses system batteries for power while installed in a calculator.
1 x CR-1616 Lithium battery for backup when not in a calculator.
Operating Temperature 0°C to 40°C
H x W x D
54 mm x 42 mm x 2.8 mm
Weight 25g / 15g
Transfer of Programs Programs stored on RAM cards that are not password protected can be transferred to a standard cassette player using the provided cassette connecting cable.

Programs can be transferred from one calculator to another compatible calculator with the EA-129C Interconnecting Cable provided the program is not password protected.